Tuesday, August 11, 2009


It’s back to school for me. Therefore, I posted the following tweets:

1) I start school Thursday. I'll be doing far less twittering; however, I'll continue to update my blog at www.countystadiumkid.blogspot.com

2) Please continue to tweet me your favorite baseball experiences. I will add them to my blog and consider using them for a future book project.

3) Also, please tweet me some of your favorite Milwaukee Brewers tidbits. I'm thinking of using them as trivia questions for a future blog post. (You can simply write the trivia question in the comment section after this post.)

4) Know that by no means is this me giving up on the Brew Crew. As crazy as it is, the kid in me still believes COUNSELL '09 WS MVP!

5) Thank you to all of you who have encouraged me with my book. I will tweet you when excerpts are posted on my blog and when the book is available.

6) Thank you all very much!


  1. @athlete What team did Juan Nieves pitch his no hitter against and who caught the last out? (Baltimore Orioles & Robin Yount)

    @athlete What is the name of the gate that the away team bus dropped visiting players off when arriving to County Stadium? (Gate X)

    @athlete Who replaced Dale Sveum @ SS after breaking his leg in Tiger Stadium in September 1988? (Gary Sheffield)

    @athlete How many games was Paul Molitor's hitting streak? (39); What pitcher won his 300th game in County Stadium? (Nolan Ryan)

  2. Mr. Katte! It's Samie Jackson! You're writing a book? That's amazing! How's it coming along and how are you doing?

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