Sunday, February 21, 2010


Twenty years ago fans voted and selected the following Milwaukee Brewers to the elite 20th Anniversary Team:

Pitchers: Mike Caldwell, Rollie Fingers, Pete Vuckovich
Catcher: Charlie Moore
First Base: Cecil Cooper
Second Base: Jim Gantner
Third Base: Paul Molitor
Shortstop: Robin Yount
Outfield: Sixto Lezcano, Gorman Thomas, Ben Oglivie
Designated Hitter: Hank Aaron

Okay, so after twenty more years of Brewers baseball have been etched into Major League baseball history, who should be out and who should be in? Comment below and state your case for what Brewers should be on this year's 40th Anniversary Team.


  1. I have nothing against Aaron but his #s with the Brewers were horrible!Since the Brewers are now a National league team maybe just eliminate the position.
    I love Cooper but cmon Prince Fielder is better!
    Ryan Braun is a step up over Sixto!Geoff Jenkins over Gorman!Oglivie should stay!
    Gantner,Molitor and Yount can stay where they are!

  2. The problem is the Brewers weren't exactly top-notch for the second half of those 40 years, so most of it will remain the same. I'd put Prince in and reluctantly bench Cooper, and I'd put Braun in place of Sixto. Jenkins might give Oglivie a run, but I'd still keep Ben out there and sit Geoff. I'd add Sheets on the mound and not remove anyone (why only 3 pitchers?). I'd toss Greg Vaughn and Cal Eldred into the mix as reserves.

  3. Charlie Moore and Jim Gantner are the weakest links--but you need to add Fielder and Braun--maybe pull Oglivie in the outfield and gasp--pull Hank and replace the DH with Prince--even though there is no DH in the NL--does that work?

  4. Timothy Brookfield, WIFebruary 24, 2010 at 7:06 PM

    No Ted Simmons at catcher??...and for laughs..have to have George "The Boomer" Scott on there..