Thursday, July 9, 2009

Baseball Memoir Coming Soon!

My name is Joel Katte, and my new baseball memoir THE COUNTY STADIUM KID will be available soon.

Thank you for reading.




  1. Nice work Joel. I know this is a labor of love...Great job...We are as proud of you as you should be yourself...

    Thumbs up...

    Bob Salomon and Todd Civin
    A Glove of Their Own

  2. My son was just released by the Baltimore Orioles. As you know, this seems like the end of life to him. Your book about life after baseball maybe just what he needs. There are literally thousands of exceptionally talented young men who are released from MLB minor league teams each year. Every one of them must go through this awful life passage. Can't wait to read your take on this.

    Theresa DiGeronimo