Saturday, July 18, 2009

TWITTERing baseball experiences


Okay, it’s hard to believe a 32 year-old man who listens to audio books on cassette tapes during his morning commute and who transfers home videos onto VHS tapes is starting a blog, but I am. And away we go …

“Look, Mom! No hands!”

With a little help from my friends, I imagine in a few weeks I might even be able to create podcasts and E-Books. So far about the only thing I figured out is how to TWITTER. It seems every time I pick up a newspaper or watch the news there's a story that is somehow tied to Twitter. I admit at first the name "Twitter" turned me off. In a Ralphie-like "You'll shoot your eye out" voice from the film CHRISTMAS STORY, my psyche warned "Don't do it; you'll Twitter your life away." Nonetheless, I gave it a go, and I'm glad I did.

I have connected with some pretty interesting and extraordinary people. (Don't worry, I'm not one of those guys who would have written "Tweeple" but the fact that I had to replace "people" with my first choice "tweeple," plus the fact that I am admitting this on my blog is rather concerning.)

I will start this blog with a Twitter challenge. (Don't worry I'm not selling anything and no prizes although I'd be happy to give some out if I can scrounge some up.) A few parts of my memoir COUNTY STADIUM KID describe some of my favorite experiences attending Milwaukee Brewers games as a child. Therefore, I am challenging you to “Tweet” (Dang, “write” lost out!) one of your favorite baseball experiences in 140 characters or less. Please feel free to post your responses on this blog, but be sure to send to @joelkatte at so that we can see that indeed you pulled off your description in 140 characters without having to count each character.

I look forward to reading about your experiences. Who knows, I might ask you to feature your recollections in an upcoming book. (Of course, we will be sure to use more than 140 character to fully capture the essence of your baseball experiences.)

Thanks for reading! (Sorry for all the parenthesis. I don’t know what happened. I promise I won’t use this many in my future posts.)

Best wishes,


  1. Love your blog. I feels right on target. It keeps your reader in mind and still gets that good ole American sport messaage across.

    Carolyn Howard-Johnson
    Tweeting writers tips at

  2. @Leti72 @joelkatte going to Candlestick early to tailgate & watch batting practice from GA catching HR balls

  3. @shannonevans Fav- Sitting on the berm behind the outfield on a blanket, hot summer day, drinking a cold beer, eating a brat, and watching the game!


    Toronto, Jays vs Sox, Big Papi rolls a ball over dugout to me - someone snatches it. He points at me, smiles, and rolls another.

  5. @joelkatte memory: Took my 2.5 yr old son to his first MLB ballgame this yr. Look on his face as he stared out across the field: priceless

    @joelkatte #2: watcing Tigers batting practice. Justin Verlander in the outfield practice catching. Eyes us, rolls a ball over to my son.

    my twitter id:

    Great blog! We are huge baseball fans

  6. @andykatz22 the pop in my glove echoes across the field. it's an 8am practice with no people in sight..clear minds...pure baseball.

    Coach Andy
    Boston, MA

  7. @SherryinAL I always spend birthday watching World Series on TV. In 2005, hubby surprised me w/trip to Hou to see WSox win series on my bday.

    Sherry Kerr

  8. @averygoodyear Toronto, Jays vs Sox, Big Papi rolls a ball over dugout to me - someone snatches it. He points at me, smiles, and rolls another.

    Toronto area

  9. @thewonderbroker Game 1 - 1982 World Series---The Brewers trounce the Cardinals in St Louis, 10-0. Molitor & Yount each get 5 hits!

    Todd Fritz
    Phoenix, AZ

  10. @CarolFil Fave baseball memory: TO Blue Jay Joe Carter getting the last runner out in 92 & hitting the home run in 93 to win World Series

    Carol Levesque

  11. @bitofmomsense memory: Took my 2.5 yr old son to his first MLB ballgame this yr. Look on his face as he stared out across the field: priceless
    @bitofmomsense #2: watching Tigers batting practice. Justin Verlander in the outfield practice catching. Eyes us, rolls a ball over to my son.
    @bitofmomsense #3 how is it Verlander was in the outfield? so awesome. Mr. No-no gave us a ball!! dh and I were as excited as the kid I think...

    Rebecca S
    Ottawa, Canada

  12. FAV Baseball Game - Hank Aaron breaking Babe Ruth's Home Run record on April 8, 1974. # 715 off Dodgers pitcher Al Downing.

  13. @Jct124 FAV Baseball Game - Hank Aaron breaking Babe Ruth's Home Run record on April 8, 1974. # 715 off Dodgers pitcher Al Downing.

    Jeff Tumm
    Louisville, KY and Milwaukee, WI

  14. Just stumbled into your name on twitter -- someone asking about favorite baseball game experience. I love to answer those because mine is Easter Sunday, 1987, but nobody ever understands what I'm talking about, especially when I bring up the George Webb's aspect to that great day. But the I saw your bio and realized you not only would know, you were probably there too!

    Anyway, good luck with the book -- my grandfather was actually a top official in Milwaukee County when the Stadium was built, and I now have two chairs (green grandstand seats, not the red box seats, never sat in those anyway) and one brick from the old stadium.

    Pete Holtermann

  15. @baseball6969 One of my favorite baseball moments was last July in old Yankee Stadium at HomeRUN Derby and Hamilton was smashing them out of ballpark.


  16. @shannonevans I grew up listening to Cubbies and Harry Carey on my am/fm radio with "ear buds" in Mississippi
    @shannonevans Cubs are representative of my misspent youth! Everyone has dirty little secrets, eh? Let me guess you once liked the Twins?
    @shannonevans Should I tell you about the marital problems I have: I love Red Sox and He's from Upstate NY (read - Yankees Fan)...winner does dishes

    Shannon Evans
    Bainbridge Island, WA

  17. @StevenZimm The greatest baseball experience was watching Cubs and Sammy Sosa at Wrigley field as a guest of the Disney Imagineering Team.

    Steven Zimmermann
    Knoxville, TN

  18. @HJBosch21 My father catching a foul ball at Tiger Stadium w/ a pizza slice in one hand & napkins in the other. He used the napkin hand.

    H. Jose Bosch
    Chicago, IL

  19. @NKOTB_VAMP I remember waiting hours after a game to see some brewers and get autographs when i was little, that was so much fun.

    @NKOTB_VAMP One recent memory was last year ryan braun got his first major grand slam, couldnt believe people left b4 the game finished.

    Milwaukee, WI

  20. @lau56 Game 6 '85 NLCS---With the Cards up 3 gms-2 & trailing 5-4 in the top of the 9th, Jack Clark's 3 run hr sends St Louis to the WS!

    Larry Underwood
    Scottsdale, AZ

  21. @StrongWisconsin One of my alltime favorites was Dale Sveum's Easter shot:

    Mark Neumann, WI Governor candidate
    Nashotah, WI

  22. @NLFantasyBB Edgar Renteria's clutch hit, world series game 7 winner for the Marlins. Livan's strike zone the entire playoffs was sick!

  23. @lau56 @joelkatte The strikeout of Gorman Thomas also ranks high up the list, but McGee's 2 hr in Game 3 was the most memorable from that WS...
    about 11 hours ago from web in reply to joelkatte
    @lau56 @joelkatte Ozzie's blast was a close 2nd to Clark's...Ozzie's gave them the 3 gms to 2 lead, but Clark's sent them to the WS #stlcards

  24. @eddiebecker Getting Pete Smith's auto @ my 1st Braves game. He wasn't very good, but it still gives me chills thinkin about it. Memories!

  25. @knightrunner22 definitely watching the brew crew make it to the playoffs for the first time in 26 yrs in '08! Such great young talent...

  26. @PrideOCucamonga first brewer game I went to in 1987, Crew wins 22-7 over Angels. Grand slam by Darryl Hamilton.

  27. @libertygirl3 OMGosh, saw the game of the World Series with Kirk-what a guy-what an accomplishment!

    Andrea O.
    Fullerton, CA

  28. @PrideOCucamonga my bad, it was only 20 and in 1990. I was only 12, bad memory, lol. But they were down 7-0 to start the game

  29. @Bodean42 Joel I have many fond memories of county stadium to many to recount. Best baseball experience was when I started Delavan's team.

  30. @shorty37505 def last year wit my uncle. we were rite behind the brewers dugout, rod gardenhire got thrown out, and the brewers won. it was sweet

  31. @chuckieh getting the opportunity to get to know and play for an ex-MLB star in George 'The Boomer' Scott in JCollege & how proud my parents were.

    Chuck Hanf

  32. @lau56 Gibson's home run had to be the most improbable & memorable home run in World Series history. "I don't believe what I just saw!"

  33. @highsockmojo Various baseball road trips with friends, experiencing different ballparks, meeting new people, and meeting Ryan Braun lol

  34. @sportsfreakinTR Old County Stadium!Dad had media pass & got me below 2 meet RYount after the game.Yount was lifting weights after game,gave me my work ethic

  35. @CloudDust76 More than anything I remember watching the games back in the 80's with my Dad...TV on Mute...Uecker on the radio! Nothing like it!

  36. @chixonsports My favorite BB moment was when I went to the 2002 World Series Game when the Anheim Anglels won.. It was so very cool.

    Dana Wiseman

  37. @Jum82 ...walking to old Milwaukee County Stadium to watch rookie Robin Yount play baseballl...he was 18. I was 9. Bleacher seats $1.50...


  38. @amandax23 Cool site! My favorite baseball moment was when the Phillies won the World Series in 2008.

  39. @Buzlghtyear I remember my first time in Fenway Park as a kid, but it is definitly being at Miller Park when the Brewers made the Wildcard and playoffs.

    Madison, WI

  40. Hey Joel,

    My favorite baseball moment just happened last year when we took the entire school to a game at Miller Park. It was amazing to the see the eyes of the children who had never been to a game look in amazement of the game and stadium, as well as be taught by the kids that have been to a game about what to do and how to act. What a great American cultural event. Ask me about the Japanese baseball game I saw this summer.

    See you soon

  41. Hey Joel,

    Great stuff here. I have a couple great memories, but it is important to know that Baseball has been a part of my life since birth. I was lucky to have a Father who played, loved, and taught the game with passion. Here are my top 3:

    1-As a kid, I remember so many of my games, tournaments in upstate NY with teammates like Matt Morris and other future professional players. But, as a player, I remember that my Father would come home from work every night, catch me and then throw BP. I was very lucky.

    2- As a coach, I had the pleasure of coaching some really good and skilled HS teams. But one team in particular comes to mind when I think about coaching. I took the coaching job at my middle school after coaching JV and Varsity for 8 years. The Middle School team hadn't won a game the year before. We won exactly one game that first year. That feeling of watching the kids celebrate beating the 1st place team is something that still makes me smile.

    3- As a fan, I remember watching Charlie Hayes catch the final out of the 1996 World Series. It was my first World Series title as a Yankees fan (I was only three in 1978). But, my favorite memory was sitting in the stands at Yankee Stadium with my brother. We got there for BP, sat down, and didn't get up until the 7th inning stretch. It was one of the few times where we talked for hours. Very special.

    Thanks Joel, for this question. Sorry I couldn't twitter this, but your question inspired such great memories. Thanks!

  42. Joel, what a nice compilation of baseball memories! Thanks for including me on this project---I could talk baseball forever; so many memories for so many years. What a great game---The National Pastime!

  43. @curlykwo A good time at Miller Park was when we watched a half naked drunk guy run onto the field and make it to third before being tackled.