Sunday, July 26, 2009

“The Milwaukee Brewers ‘ALL-STAR AMONG US’ 2009 All-Star game representative is now on COUNTY STADIUM KID blog!”

First, of all I want to say thank you to everyone who has helped support this blog. I am overwhelmed by its initial success. I could not have reached so many of you so quickly without the help of everyone pitching in. Please continue to read and pass on the link to others who might be interested.

Also, please continue to keep the comments coming. We have already received over 60 comments! You’ll definitely want to scroll through the previous posts to see all of the amazing baseball memories.

Here are just a few CSK blog comments I wanted to highlight:

-Jeff Montgomery, former All-Star relief hurler for the Kansas City Royals, reflects on his first MLB game for the Cincinnati Reds under manager Pete Rose who happened to be his childhood hero.

-A cancer patient vows to beat cancer so he can fulfill his dream of attending a game at Yankee Stadium.

-San Francisco Giants fan: … my kid comes up and I say, “Richie, who's your favorite ballplayer, Will Clark?” ... My son smiles and looks at me and says, "Nooo, You Are Dad!”

-“Big Papi rolls a ball over dugout to me - someone snatches it. He points at me, smiles, and rolls another.”

-“My father catching a foul ball at Tiger Stadium w/ a pizza slice in one hand & napkins in the other. He used the napkin hand.”

-“Watching the Angels win the 2002 World Series with my son while my dad was still alive.”

Lastly, I can proudly report that the Milwaukee Brewers “All-Star Among Us” representative Loyal Mehnart found this blog and posted a few comments. What an inspiration this man is! Watch the WTMJ 4 video clip to hear his story.

Also, be sure to read Mehnart’s comments in the previous CSK post “All Stars Among Us.” I will post more on Mehnart’s All-Star experience and Habitat for Humanity journey in future posts. I am very excited that Mr. Mehnart offered to visit my school to talk to my students about his experiences.

Remember Todd Civin and Bob Saloman of the award-winning children’s book A GLOVE OF THEIR OWN offered to give 5 books out to people who “PLAY IT FORWARD” by commenting below about people you believe are “ALL-STARS AMONG US” for the work they do in our communities.

Summer’s a flyin’ by, so you’ll want to catch a baseball game. Stop by a Major League stadium, minor league ball park, or Little League diamond to breathe in some baseball and slow down your summer days.


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